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"Michael is a friendly and caring Osteopath who immediately puts you at ease. His excellent manipulation has  alleviated the severe headaches  I had for many years. Consequently, I no longer require pain killers. I would highly recommend treatment by  Michael"



"After fell and really hurt my ankle I tried to cope with the pain, after a few weeks I decided I needed to seek professional help.  I visited Michael and after one session I could feel a massive improvement. He was also very good at advising me on some exercises to do to ensure that it healed strongly so that it was less likely to reoccur. Couldn’t recommend him more as he definitely went above and beyond."


Sally Featherstone

'I had treatment on my back while I was pregnant. Michael was quickly able to identify the problem and he gave me exercises to do at home to help ease the pain and help strengthen the area. Michael was very professional and very knowledgeable. When my daughter was born, she had trouble sleeping and Michael began treatment on my 6 week old daughter and every time she had treatment she would always have a good sleep. Would highly recommend him'

Hayley Malpass

I suffered from sciatica and lower back pain for a few months prior to seeing Michael and after the first consultation and treatment I was able to sit pain free. Michael also gave me some exercises to help whilst I am at home to keep the back problem manageable should it reoccur.

Tracey Hogg

I've been seeing Michael for hip and knee pain. Almost pain-free now and handling arthritis in knees quite well, thanks to Michael

Richard Lyne

"I would definitely recommend michael. He has treated both myself and my (6 week old) son several times. Michael even detected my son's  tongue tie (which health visitors, doctors and other specialists hadn't) and referred us to a lactate consultant. My son's body alignment is now rectified and he is much happier, settled and a better sleeping baby!!!The treatment I received was for sports related injuries, I was pleasantly surprised as to how quickly I recovered after only a couple of sessions."

Nicola Givens

'I suffered from tendinitis from climbing and bouldering. The only advice anyone offered was to take time off from the sport. I'd take recovery time but whenever I went back to it the tendinitis would flare up again. After treatment and acupuncture with Michael I was, once again, able to train in the sport I love.'

James Bowe

"Michael has been treating me off and on for several years: for back and hip strains, bouts of sciatica, and to alleviate arthritic pain. I have absolute confidence in his ability to diagnose problems and to deliver effective treatment. I can't recommend him highly enough."

Quentin Kean

Being somebody who is resistant to doctors I eventually got to the stage where pain across my neck and shoulders was too much to handle. Recommended by a friend Michael did an amazing job, made me feel at ease and even after the first treatment the difference was measurable. He has a great manner and made me feel at ease. Would certainly recommend his services.

Ian  Smith

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